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In 2020, the largest racial or ethnic group in Johnson County was the white (non-Hispanic) group, which had a population of 124,176. Between 2010 and 2020, the Hispanic/Latino population had the most growth increasing by 14,205 from 27,509 in 2010 to 41,714 in 2020.

Myra Flores
Mayra Flores talks about how to win the Hispanic vote

We made history and flipped the first Democrat controlled seat to Republican this year. Republican Mayra Flores, who won the South Texas congressional seat, says to Republicans, "Promote a Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Pro-Job platform that helps Hispanics achieve the American dream and that resonates with their values."

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The mission of the RNHA is to increase Hispanic-Americans participation in electoral politics at all levels as well as boost Hispanic-Americans membership in the Republican Party. The RNHA offers a wide range of news videos delivery the facts that you can't normally find on mainstream outlets.

Census 2020
Texas’ Hispanic population grew by 2 million in the past decade, on pace to be largest share of state by 2021

New U.S. census estimates show the gap between Hispanic and white populations in the state continues to narrow, and Hispanics are projected to become the largest population group a year earlier than previously expected.

Latinos for Trump
Latinos win big in Texas
Latinos for Trump