What is Precinct Strong?

Local elections are the most important elections you can vote in because they directly impact you and your family’s life. You have a say in bond taxes, ISD curriculum, election integrity, 2nd Amendment legislation, road conditions, and much more, but still less than 4% of registered voters actually vote in these local elections that execute these decisions.

Precinct Strong is the voting force of Johnson County to save our electoral vote and to keep local government in check so that legislation and taxpayer spending is supported by "We The People", and conservative family values are preserved to ensure freedom in Texas...and America!

Serving at the local level is where
change begins!

What is a Republican Party Precinct Chair?

State election law dictates that each voting precinct within a county have a Republican Precinct Chair, elected by the members of that precinct during the Republican Primary election. They serve a two year term as the grassroots representative of the Republican Party in that precinct. (Served for two years or until the next Primary Election if appointed within the mid-term.) This position is the first rung in the ladder of the Republican Party hierarchy. They are officials of the Republican Party and are registered with the Secretary of State.

Electing a Precinct Chair:
Although state law specifies there should be a Party Chair for each political party in each Election Precinct, this is not always the case. Precinct Chair is an elected position, elected during the Primary Election by the voters in that precinct. However, either through voter apathy or, more likely, voters simply not understanding the purpose or even the very existence of the position, it is not uncommon for the position to go unfilled. The County Executive Committee, made up of the Republican County Chair and the elected Precinct Chairs can appoint a Precinct Chair if a willing voter can be found, but even then some positions remain unfilled. Precinct Chair is a very important position in the Republican Party. The below is a short explanation of the duties and responsibilities of this position. 


Maximize voter participation in your precinct

As Precinct Chair, your primary goal is to maximize voter participation in your precinct during Primary and General Elections. Get to know the Republican voters in your precinct and actively register new Republican voters. Organize turn-out-the-vote campaigns for elections. You are the Republican Party’s representative and Head Cheerleader within the Precinct. JCRV can help you reach voters with our direct lines of communication and innovative tools and apps. JCRV exists to help you succeed in that effort.

Member of the Executive Committee

As Precinct Chair, you become a member of the County Executive Committee, working with other Precinct Chairs and the Republican County Chair. You will participate in County Executive Committee meetings and serve as an Officer in the County hierarchy. You also serve on one of the many committees within the county, and perhaps even Chair a committee. You help recruit new Precinct Chairs and Election Judges to work the elections. You will help with outreach to the precincts where the Chair position remains unfilled. During general elections, you help place candidate signs at polling locations.


Arrange Precinct Convention and assist in County Convention

Precinct Conventions are held every two years, soon after the conclusion of the Primary and General Election, often that same day. You will open the next Precinct Convention, where your final duty will be to preside over the appointment of your replacement (who will take over once sworn in as the new Precinct Chair, unless you are re-elected to remain the Precinct Chair). At the Precinct Convention, you will manage the required paperwork and retain the records from your Precinct Convention. As part of the Executive Committee, you will also assist the County Chair in arranging the County Convention.

Precinct Chair Training 2021
Robin Wilson, County Chair, hosts the 2021 Precinct Chair training seminar

Precinct Chairs in Johnson County gathered for discussion and training on a multitude of topics. County Chair, Robin Wilson says, "Where the real work is done is politics at the precinct level." The result of these important discussions brought actions for more collaboration with other similar groups in the county; filling Precinct Chair positions where there is not one; vetting potential candidates; recruiting the right talent(s) that support our collective efforts; understanding issues of voters within the precincts to share at the County Convention; understanding the Democratic platform in order to organize ourselves for the upcoming mid-term elections …just to name a few.

“You’ve got to be part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.” – Jerry Allen

“Victory goes to the majority of those who participate.” – Paul Hodson

 “Double your work, double your rewards.” Nova Olson

"The worse Republican is better than the best Democrat.” – Robin Wilson