We are voters in Johnson County...just like you!

JCRV is a non-profit educational organization of grassroots folks with a passion for serving our local communities by sharing important (nonpartisan) information about local elections that are not widely publicized; providing insight on candidates running for office and investigating bills, provisions, and bonds that affect life at home in Johnson County, so that "We The People" can make informed decisions at the polls! We do all of this through close collaboration with the Republican County Chair, the Republican Executive Committee (Precinct Chairs), and the Johnson County Elections Office.

(No volunteer or member of JCRV leadership receives benefits or other financial compensation for their time and service.)

We are voters...just like you!
We’re retired bankers, corporate leaders, business owners, law enforcement officers, business professionals, judges, stay at home mom’s, laborers, skilled tradesmen, students and more. We work to raise our families and grandchildren, to pay our bills and to lead a better life. We are people of all races coming together for a common cause.


Johnson County Republican Volunteers

In a nutshell, what does JCRV do?
We educate voters

We gather, research and share nonpartisan information about elections, candidates, and bonds that are not widely publicized. We strive to deliver a one-stop-shop VOTER GUIDE for all voters in the county.

We register voters

Our #1 goal is to increase voter turnout, so we host and participate in community events to educate and register voters. Many of our volunteers are Deputy Registrars.

We support leadership

We offer training and assistance to poll workers (including student poll workers), Precinct Chairs, Block Captains, candidates running for office, and more.

We advocate youth involvement

We support all High School students, college internships, and young professionals in gaining leadership skills and academia experience.

JCRV Objectives

As the VOLUNTEER ARM for the Johnson County Republican Party, we do our best to provide our County Chair and Executive Committee (Republican Precinct Chairs) with the necessary tools and resources they need to do their job of representing our communities effectively.

We gather information on elections, research bonds, interview candidates, then share it with the Republican Precinct Chairs and voters through as many communication methods as we can, including block-walking, email, text, and posting on TimeToVoteTX (App and Website) and more than 60 Facebook and Nextdoor Groups.

We share best practices, toolkits, and user-friendly technology with the Republican Precinct Chairs and Block Captains. We also teach Election Integrity class to Johnson County Election Workers and mentor High School students and young professionals through internships and other opportunities to gain leadership skills. In addition, we offer assistance and guidance to candidates running for office.

We recruit volunteers all over the county who become Deputy Registrars and can assist voters with voter registration and/or their voter registration status. Volunteers also help block-walk, run the Republican Headquarters, work elections, and help at fundraisers as needed. If someone you know wants to help, they can complete the online Volunteer Form here!